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What we stand for

We are a small team so our (current) moto is “small is beautiful”. But our size gives us the flexibility that larger groups often lack. 

We strive to promote innovation and technology. We believe that everyone, regardless of age, rank, social aptitude or any other distinction people may use, is able to innovate. The only thing that matters is attitude. Are you ready to try? open to question? accept defying convention? Then you have what is required. The only other requirement is hard work.

Beside this we are strong believers in trust and honesty. We will not try to sell you what you don’t need or what we cannot deliver. We hope it never happens, but if we think we are wasting your time, we will let you know.

We prefer passion and fun over status and money. But don’t mind if you disagree. The world can accommodate us all and we would happily work with you either way. That’s who we are, and that's what we stand for.


David Marks

With a background in science, data analytics and strategy consulting, David has a strong affinity with innovation and technology. He combines structural approach and technical understanding to assist companies optimize their value proposition by increasing customer appeal, and refine the business models improving profitability.

 David has extensive experience in consulting, analysis, coaching and running workshops and is able to deep dive in a large range of fields.


  • Innovation management

  • Management consulting

  • Big data and Analytics

  • Digital transformation

  • Banking and Insurance

  • Physical Chemistry



  • Master in Chemical Physics, Weizmann institute, Israel

  • PhD in Physical Chemistry, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands

  • International MBA, Nyenrode University, The Netherlands

Hans Goudkamp


After school Hans had to choose between art and accounting. He went for accounting but never lost his creative side. A chartered accountant escaping the corporate world where he was responsible for implementing various changes projects. Comfortable with corporates and small teams, he has assisted several start-up companies with business plans. Hans is only part time involved with The Rebel Within. The rest of his (work) time he is setting up Triggerise's finance function and contributing to the overall strategy in a creative and fun way.