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Irdeto is an innovative, technology based, company that leads the market in digital platform security solutions. A group of 21 managers and senior staff from across the company participated in the initial innovation assessment survey. The analysis confirmed a strong innovative culture, backed up by supporting processes. The innovation activities currently leans toward sustaining innovation and focus mainly on new products and services, while the management style is more attuned for disruptive innovation. This is typical of companies in transition.


The analysis highlighted the need to devote additional resources toward engaging external sources and gathering customer insight. Also it was advised to explore process and business model innovation, while enhancing innovation resource management.


The company recognized all of the observations and will be implementing a number of changes to its processes and innovation strategy.

“the rebel within was fantastic to work with!!! They helped me to quickly establish a clear overview of our innovation capabilities, along with a useful benchmark against similar companies in our industry. The results contained a good mix of recognizable strengths and weaknesses, but more importantly, identified a number of less obvious areas that we needed to focus on for improvement. The well-considered recommendations where provided in a format that was easily understood within the company, resulting in a decision to initiative a number of innovation process and strategy improvements.”

Werner Strydom, VP Technology, Irdeto 


SpCitI is an urban planning startup that seeks to expand services into developing countries.  The session began by delving through the perceived needs (job, pains, gains) of the various stakeholders involved in the process: (local) Governments, developers, residents, local businesses and donors. The aim was to uncover possible opportunities given the greatest weakness of the service offering, namely: the lack of resources in the market.

Applying structured ideation techniques, additional possible business models and service offering mix were uncovered. For example:

  • Expanding into education: Enabling the work to be handled by locals

  • Offering entry level standard services for low fee in return for data for improving the process. This is topped up by customized consultancy at demand

  • Partnering with local entrepreneurs for whom the development offers unique opportunities

SPCitI will continue exploring some of the ideas in depth.

 “The brilliant dialogues and meetings we have had with David Marks from the rebel within helped us thinking innovatively on our business model… (It) highlighted how essential the support and advice of a professional in innovation like him can be to know the way forward"  

Gert Urhahn, SPCitI founder