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Innovation Assessment

The innovation assessment is our core offering. We assess over 150 parameters concerning the company's innovation strategy, processes and culture. Being highly comprehensive, our assessment exposes the company’s strengths and weaknesses. It is based on interviews with company directors and a self-assessment questionnaire completed by managers, employees and partners from across the organization. More information on our assessment is provided here.

In addition, by combining the opinions from various sections of the company and comparing between them, we collect valuable insight on the spread of opinions within the company: Do management and employees diverge? are external partners as critical as employees? This often proves to be useful in the search for improving the innovation process. 

Assessment Followup

Any existing company is bound to have many strengths, or otherwise it would have not reached to where it has. Our analysis will uncover these. More relevantly, it will uncover the weaknesses: areas where the company can perform better. Some of these are intrelinked. For example, low customer engagement is often coupled with lower customer insight.

Based on our experience we will 'connect the dots' providing a coherent picture of the company strengths and weaknesses and initial recommendations toward closing the gap and helping the company become a leading innovating company.  

However, being aware that not all weaknesses are of equal importance, and that companies differ in the manner that they wish to operate, we will work with involved stakeholders in the company to determine the priorities and complexities for each recommendation.

In addition we will deliver a roadmap for closing the gaps. These start with 'low hanging fruits' – initiatives with high impact and low complexity. Followed, based on the analysis, with more complex initiatives. We will supply guidelines and best practices for approaching gap closing measures and further guidance as required.

Ideation workshops

Ideas are cheap. But good ideas can be very valuable. Good ideas empower people by expanding their horizons, increasing productivity and removing barriers. Some of the greatest ideas solve problems consumers were never aware they had.  

Great ideas often simplify existing solutions making them accessible to a greater audience. Or apply established technologies and business processes in novel ways. They always involves deep understanding of the consumers real needs while having insight on how evolving technologies can be applied in the market.

The-rebel-within guided ideation workshops work with clients to produce and identify ideas for product, service, platform, organization and business model innovation. The ideation takes the form of hybrid brain storming combining group discussions and private deliberations. Perceived customer needs are identified and participants are guided through the process of proposing basic possible solutions using various established techniques. Ideas are ranked according to perceived desirability from client perspective, technical feasibility, economic viability and adaptability to the company business model. The ideation workshops familiarize participants with the techniques so that the process can be repeated continuously within the company.

Ideas generated in this methods are only ideas. Next step must involve validating the assumptions taken in the market. These techniques are the subject of the MVP and growth hacking workshops

Growth Hacking workshops

No innovation can happen without a vision: Some burning conviction in the virtues of a novel approach. But this process in shrouded with uncertainties. The more revolutionary the proposition, the less is known about customer tastes, while a positive response is key to success.

Growth hacking is about increasing the appeal of the value proposition by collecting feedback on customer tastes and preferences through experimentation. By collected data, uncertainties are removed and the value propositions refined.

The-rebel-within workshop guides the process of ranking uncertainties and selecting KPI for growth.

Business Modelling

Innovation goes hand in hand with an effective business model. How would you attract and retain customers? How do you ensure that your business is viable and sustainable? How to gain advantage on your competition?

The ingredients for innovation and successful business planning are the same: Design your business to answer a real market need, concentrate on activities that delight customers. Increase revenues, for example, by ensuring repeat consumption, convincing communication and high referral. Reduce unnecessary costs by partnering, or re-using assets.

The-rebel-within will help you (re)design your business model with our unique insight and approach.