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Innovation Assessment

All companies try to be innovative. It is not always easy. It is also not that simple to determine what constitutes an innovative company.

But we think we know how to do it.

We trace over 150 parameters, examining many aspects and best practices of innovation. These are grouped in clear and actionable elements that provide clarity to the strength and weaknesses of the innovation capability of a company. Some of the main visuals are presented below

Innovation Environment

The innovation environment provides clarity to how well a company encourages and supports innovation.

Each of the categories - strategy, processes, culture and value proposition – is further subdivided into additional aspects. In total 31 parameters of the innovation environment are assessed. For more information read our blog.

Disruptibility Curve

The disruptibility curve maps a company on two axes: The Natural Monopoly and the Customer responsiveness.

Though it may appear crude, the confluence of these parameters plots the company strategic power. The Natural monopoly axis measures the degree of which a company is shielded from competition. This could be the product of regulations, strong brand, unique service offering, relationship, channels etc. Customer responsiveness measures the degree of unique value provided to customers. Most companies combine some strengths over both axes. Thus, as elaborated our blog post, a company should strive to remain above the equilibrium curve, which runs reverse diagonally through the graph.

We plot the company current and expected position based on the future trends. With this analysis companies can select strategies for their future. For more information read this post

Innovation Value Chain

Companies are more effective by innovating along each of the stages of the Value Chain. This assessment provides a guidelines to where the strength and weaknesses of companies are across the Value Chain

Innovation Process

The ability of the company to ideate, select ideas, develop and  launch new products are assessed. This is used to guide companies on ways to improve the innovation process