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Is your company as innovative as it can be?

We will tell you. (And if it isn't, we will help you improve)

How innovative is your company?

This question should concern every manager.

Globalization, ever more demanding consumers, and fast progression of technology, are forcing companies to evolve and innovate. As the competition pressure increases, so does the need for innovation. Some companies thrive in these conditions. Others should fare better. 

So, how innovative is your company?

That’s where we come in. Though innovation could happen anywhere, it flourishes under the right conditions. We assess your company's strategy, processes and culture with the aim to bring your company closest to an optimal innovation environment that encourages and promotes innovation. Our assessment is most comprehensive, examining over 150 measures of innovation. It details the company’s understanding of what should be done and how it competes. The internal processes that translate this into day-to-day operations. And the enthusiasm and support of employees and management in implementing the chosen strategy and processes. For more details here, or our blog

Improve your innovations

Innovation is a skill that can be structured and taught.

Innovators succeed due to superior response to consumer needs and better command of channels and processes. To adapt, existing companies should build on their strengths, while adopting the hallmarks of disruptive innovators: consumer focus, openness, agility and suspicion of the accepted orthodoxies of the industry.

You innovate by embracing your rebel within.

With the assessment results, The-rebel-within advises you on the best methods and tools for enhancing your innovation processes. The focus will be on closing the gaps identified, and further solidifying your strengths.

In addition we offer advice and workshops on various themes such as ideation: finding, selecting and developing ideas into products. And growth hacking: helping an innovation mature into a successful product

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